Product Description

The EZ SunScreen DIY Kit blocks out 80% of UV rays BEFORE they hit your window by covering your entire window (not just half) and being mounted on the exterior of your house, eliminating heat buildup between your windows and blinds (or curtains) that expel throughout your home.

Installing UV sunscreens can reduce air conditioner use, lower utility costs and mitigate CO2 emissions. (Check your local city or county for sunscreen incentives) Our sunscreens can be used additionally or alternatively with traditional window screens to keep out flying and crawling insects and critters.

Get the daylight you need from the sun without the heat! Get the privacy you want without the blinds and/or curtains AND get the unobstructed view to the outside, without anybody else peeking in back at you. (You can see out, but they can't see in.) Sunscreens help to negate the suns damaging UV rays to your carpet, artwork, wood and furniture, giving you the opportunity to arrange your house worry-free of strategic placement to avoid sun damage and reduce the glare on your TVs and computers. The EZ SunScreen DIY Kit has been strategically pieced together for convenience to anyone looking to cut down on time and service costs while still attaining a professional sunscreen, vindicating all those who boldly declare "I can do that!"

Die-hard DIY enthusiasm is not required to enjoy the many advantages of our kit, proficiency with basic tools and measurements should suffice or reach out for assistance from a friend or local hire. Whether you're a skilled tradesman, budget conscious homeowner or self-titled cheapskate, you have found the end to the misery of scouring box stores and the internet enjoy the visual allure and multi-faceted benefits provided by the EZ SunScreen DIY Kit.