*NOTE: Although this process works for most windows, some may require slight variations in procedure. In addition, please be aware, that stucco and brick need to be pre-drilled with a 1/8-inch masonry bit.

The most important aspects of mounting your sunscreen are:

  1. Sealing your window from bugs.
  2. Securing your screen to your house.
  3. Leveling your frame for visual appeal.

a. Remove existing screen for maximum airflow. Place your sunscreen over your window to make sure that it fits. You want your frame to overlap your window about an inch on each side so that the frame seals against the wall.
b. Holding your frame over your window, mark your wall with a pencil 1/8" directly underneath your frame, 6" inward from the ends of the two sides. (You can easily press your hand on the material against the glass to keep it in place.

a. Drill your holes, if you're installing on stucco or brick. Put your screws through your mounting clips and drill one each into these marks. (Make sure they're loose enough to clip over your frame)

b. Place your screen on top of your mounting clips, clip them onto the frame and slowly tighten the screws until the mounting clip is firmly secure and you cannot move it by hand.

c. Repeat step 5-e for the top and two sides of your frame. Depending on the size of your frame, you may need to place additional mounting clips in the middle of either the sides and/or top of your frame as well.

d. From the inside of your house, open your window and check for area's that are not completely sealed and add additional mounting clips if necessary.